‘Power Book IV: Force’: Ranking The Power Players In ‘Crown Vic’ (Season 2, Episode 5)

(WARNING: Spoilers for the most recent Power Book IV: Force episode will be found below.)

In last week’s episode of Power Book IV: Force “The Devil’s In The Details,” multiple characters found love, but this week’s episode focuses on the varying family dynamics in the show and the high emotions that exist between them. In episode five, “Crown Vic,” we’re met with a shocking turn of events for the Flynn family. Claudia and Vic devised a plan to have their father Walter ambushed during a dinner at Walter’s house, which Vic would attend. However, the plan takes an unexpected turn when Claudia realizes that Walter’s death does not mean that the Flynn family business would be hers for the taking. As a result, she purposely withholds information from Vic and sends him to the family dinner without the knowledge that the ambush is arriving 30 minutes earlier than expected. Luckily for Vic, he’s able to escape the massacre and ensure that Walter is killed, but it’s not until afterward that he realizes that Claudia tried to set him up. With this new knowledge, Vic decides that it’s time to take out Claudia. He sets up a deal with The Feds to create a scenario that can make that happen with putting him jail.

Tommy Egan is also dealing with a serious matter regarding his own family, specifically with his nephew D-Mac. In the aftermath of D-Mac murdering a cop, whom he had no idea was one in the first place, Tommy begs D-Mac to stay out of the streets but the youngster fails to listen. Following a conversation with his dad, Tommy and JP decide that it’s best to send him far away and out of trouble until the coast is clear and any investigation surrounding the cop’s death dies down. The decision is a tough pill for D-Mac, Tommy, and JP to swallow but Tommy’s mother is the one who takes the news the worst out of anyone. In a matter of a few moments, she’s in an emotional spiral that results in her relapsing and erasing all of the progress she made in breaking from her addiction.

To conclude the family theme, we’re left to discuss Diamond and Jenard. The two brothers are brought back together this week when they’re both informed that their father Big Syd is in the hospital and not doing well. Throughout the episode, we’re able to see what Diamond’s relationship is with his father, and to put it bluntly, it’s awful. Yet, despite an initial intense argument at the hospital, the two are able to put aside their differences for an honest moment where Big Syd explains why he always resented Diamond Unfortunately for Jenard, he was not able to put aside his issues with Diamond as he left the hospital once he noticed Diamond was there. As a result, Jenard, who is spiralling with a soon-to-be out of control drug addiction, was unable to say a final goodbye to his father. On a more positive note, he and Diamond talk things out at the hospital and reached a point where they can reconcile and be on good terms once again.

That’s enough recapping from me though, let’s get into the top five Power Players based on what went down in the “Crown Vic” episode.

5. The Heroin Dealer

This was another tough week for picking out Power Players, so we had a dig a bit. We welcome a heroin dealer into the rankings this week! (For probably the last time.) It’s not just any other dealer, no, it’s the one that was able to provide Jenard with a new and certainly more addicting high in this week’s episode. But that’s not why he’s here. In exchange for the supply of heroin that he gave Jenard, this dealer was able to get a gold chain from Jenard — which was stolen from someone else — and possibly some designer clothing. Like I said, we had to dig deep a little, but the dealer made off with a new chain and maybe a new friend(?) Who knows. Now, let’s get into the real Power Players.

4. The Feds

'Power Book IV: Force' 204

The Feds made some big moves this week. After establishing the task force between federal investigators and local Chicago police as well as taking in some of the lower-level drug dealers, The Feds swung big in an attempt to accomplish their ultimate goal of taking down Tommy Egan: they brought Vic Flynn in for question. They had crimes and a witness that they could connect to Vic, but after questioning him for a bit, they allowed him to walk out with the hope that he would find himself in a trap and need their help. That moment came when Vic returned to them with an offer to give up his sister Claudia. The Feds pushed for Tommy Egan to be a part of that deal, and after a brief hesitation, he agreed. Things seem to be going well for The Feds, but if you know anything about the Power Universe, you know that it won’t always be that way for them.

3. Vic Flynn

'Power Book IV: Force' 205

If Claudia had it her way, Vic would’ve been dead by the end of the episode. This means that together with her father’s death, she would’ve been left to take over the family business, something she’s both secretly and openly wanted to do since the beginning of Power Book IV: Force. Unfortunately for her, Vic was able to make it out alive from the ambush and soon enough he pieced everything together. He figured out that Claudia switched the plans on him behind his back and he also figured out that confronting her about it would do him no good. So, he faked a smile, thanked her for “going through” with her part of the deal and protecting him, and immediately made his way to The Feds to set forth his plan of getting back at his sister. In this situation, Vic will mostly come out on top and escape from his past without having to face any time for it because he got immunity in exchange for agreeing to give up Claudia and Tommy.

2. Diamond

'Power Book IV: Force' 204

This week’s episode was an emotional one for Diamond as both he and Jenard had to deal with the impending and eventual death of their father Big Syd. In the first scene with his father, who is sick and in a hospital bed, it’s clear that he and Diamond did not have the best relationship. They quickly get into an argument and Diamond leaves before he returns some hours later. It’s during this moment that Big Syd admits that his ill feelings towards his oldest son, whom he called the stronger and tougher one between him and Jenard, came from the realization that his son didn’t need him, that he’d always be fine on his own. Furthermore, and most importantly out of all of this, it seems like Diamond was able to squash his beef with Jenard as he welcomed him back to CBI. Though, it remains to be seen if that actually happens as a lot has changed for Jenard since the split. Still, Diamond was able to reconcile with his brother and receive closure from his father. I’d call that a win under the circumstances at hand.

1. Tommy

'Power Book IV: Force' 203

For much of the season, the Power Players list has been defined by people who were able to make the necessary moves to get what they wanted, increase their power and respect, and/or increase the fear they instilled in others. This week, Tommy once again claims the top spot, but not for doing any of the above. Instead, it’s for having the power to do something that was for the best despite not really wanting to do it. We’re talking about his decision to send D-Mac far away from home to make sure he was just as far away from trouble. D-Mac didn’t listen to Tommy’s multiple commands to stay home and away from the streets, especially after he shot and killed a cop. So when push came to shove, against the wishes of his mother and JP, Tommy sent D-Mac to a faraway place as a result of him not being able to listen to his dad and uncle. Tommy tells D-Mac that the move isn’t permanent and nearly says that he loves him. Still, not having your nephew around will take a bit of a toll on Tommy, especially as his mother and JP cope (the former more than the latter it seems so far). However, what needed to be done was done and I’m sure everyone will thank Tommy in the long run, or so we hope.

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