‘Preacher’ Introduces The Foul-Mouthed Herr Starr In Its Comic-Con Trailer

Preacher had a presence at Comic-Con this year, keeping the anticipation rolling for the rest of its second season and giving some attention to the series most memorable antagonist. In Garth Ennis’ comic, Herr Starr is a character that becomes a foil for Jesse Custer and his misfit friends, joining up with The Grail as their “Sacred Executioner” behind their effort to create a new messiah from the bloodline of Jesus Christ. There’s a whole lot of plot after that to chew through, but none of it goes well for Starr who eventually goes into business for himself and takes over with various mishaps tossed into the mix.

It seems that the series is keeping his character pretty close to his comic counterpart, meaning he’s got a bit of a foul-mouth and likely is a little on the twisted side when it comes to things like sex. If he looks like a Nazi or the coldest German bastard possible, that’s because he’s about as close as you can get. Order is his passion and doing anything to keep said order intact, including blowing up a mental hospital full of patients to kill one person. That might seem like it goes against the principles of order, but for him it was just the logical thing to do.

That the entrance of Starr is the beginning of the roller coaster ride that is the rest of the Preacher story. Not that we haven’t had some great moments up to now — especially ones not in the comics — but it’s really something once it gets moving.

(Via AMC)