Queen Elizabeth II To Visit The Set Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ And I Think We Know Why

I’m just going to warn you now, this post plays pretty fast and loose with the whole “why is the Queen of England a fan of Game Of Thrones” thing. She might not have even seen the show and is only doing this as some sort of publicity that needs to be done in order to keep her in the good graces of the people. From Rolling Stone:

The Lannisters and Starks will have to contend with one more royal family seeking control of the Seven Kingdoms when Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, visit the set of Game of Thrones on their upcoming trip to Northern Ireland.

While the hit HBO show films throughout much of the country, the Queen and Duke will specifically stop by the giant studio facility it uses in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast. Game of Thrones has filmed there throughout its four-season run, and will continue to use the facility when production on the fifth season begins this summer.

Now see, monarchs that I’m used to are maniacs and butchers. They have an insatiable desire for mayhem and bloodlust that is only rivaled by their gigantic libido. The monarchs on Game Of Thrones are no different and I think Queen Elizabeth is just looking to cut loose with that idea a bit.

I believe a few GIFs will help define what I’m saying:

Yup. That’s a wonderful image. Hopefully Jaime Lannister is a little less rough with Her Majesty. I’m going to spend the rest of the day thinking about what I’ve done here.

(Via Rolling Stone)