Quinta Brunson Got A Chance To (Drunkenly) Connect With Paul Rudd After Revealing He Inspired Her Comedy Career

Thanks to her headline-dominating Emmy win followed by the Season 2 premiere of Abbott Elementary, Quinta Brunson was been on a hot streak, and now, it’s even hotter. Brunson has been named The Hollywood Reporter‘s “Comedy Star of the Year” all thanks to her dedication to just making a “good TV show” that everyone can watch. However, Brunson will never forget the random act of kindness that started her comedy journey.

While talking to THR, Brunson revealed that in the midst of all the Emmy hoopla and Abbott Elementary kicking off new episodes, she actually got a chance to meet Paul Rudd who she’s credited with pushing her into comedy.

“I saw Paul recently in New York. We talked about it briefly, but it was at a comedy club, and I was drunk, so I don’t even remember what we said,” Brunson said. “I know he knew about it and had told Seth [Rogen] that he didn’t remember. I didn’t expect him to! It was just him being nice to someone, and that makes a difference. You never know who you’re going to affect, just being chill and talking to them about the craft when they have a genuine interest.”

If you don’t know the story, Brunson revealed over the summer that she had a chance meeting with the Ant-Man star in a very empty screening of Inglourious Basterds in Philly where Rudd was filming Dinner for Schmucks. Via USA Today:

Brunson mentioned that she was interested in getting into comedy. “And he was like, ‘If you want to do comedy and you love it and you can do it, then you should do it. There’s nothing that should stop you or get in your way, you should absolutely pursue it.'”

With that advice in hand Brunson felt empowered. “It changed my life,” she said, adding that she dropped the guy she was on a date with and planned to move to Los Angeles.

Emboldened by Rudd’s kind words (and ditching the dude was with), Brunson landed roles on A Black Lady Sketch Show and Miracle Workers before the massively popular Abbott Elementary for ABC.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)