‘Abbott Elementary’ Fans Share Their Predictions And Theories For Season Two

Season two of the hit comedy Abbott Elementary returned last night with a cameo from everyone’s favorite fluffy orange monster, Gritty, kicking off the new season. The highly-anticipated new season will feature more episodes than season one and a handful of holiday episodes that will surely feature some amazing bits involving the quirky teaching staff.

But besides knowing the episode counts and titles, fans are unsure where the season will go. Are Janine and Gregory going to get together? Will Tariq come back? And what exactly is hiding in that Abbott basement? After the season premiere, fans flocked to Twitter to share their favorite moments and predictions ahead of the new episodes.

Of course, every Greggory/Janine fan noticed that there have been some subtle hints at the two’s budding friendship.

But others are more interested in Gergory’s friendship with Barabara.

Other fans are sure that Janelle James, who plays the slightly unreliable principal Ava, will get her Emmy recognition next year.

Or maybe Sheryl Lee Ralph will get another Emmy?

As for Tariq, a lot of fans seem to be leaning towards the idea that Janine’s hilarious yet flaky ex will turn into an Andy Dwyer-type character who gets his act together but develops separately from Janine. This theory was big on Reddit last season, and has slowly been taking over Twitter.

Class is definitely back in session! Abbott Elementary airs on Wednesdays on ABC and Hulu.