Quinta Brunson, Just Like The Rest Of Us, Is A Big Fan Of Ayo Edebiri And Her ‘The Bear’ Character

When Ayo Edebiri appeared with Jeremy Allen White at the Emmys this year, the audience immediately reignited their lust for The Bear. The sleeper hit will eventually bring us a Season 2 of Carmy and his fellow Chefs, but for now, everyone must patiently wait to find out more about whether anyone, especially Carmy, will do the deed in between (or possibly) during intense kitchen shifts.

As it turns out, none other than Quinta Brunson (who recently won an Emmy for her work on Abbott Elementary) is also in line for more of The Bear and Ayo. Brunson contributed a paragraph of raves for Ayo’s spot on the TIME 100 Next 2022 list:

“I went to the premiere of The Bear with Ayo Edebiri and remember asking her, ‘How come you didn’t tell me you could act so good?!’ As chef Sydney, she was so honest and gave one of the most clear-eyed portrayals of the modern working Black girl I’ve seen onscreen in a really long time. I felt so represented by Ayo’s character, and other people will too — it takes a lot of confidence and strength to give a performance that’s so grounded. I know she’ll take that humility with her as she starts a long, prosperous career. She’s a great friend and an even better actor.”

Yep, we need more Ayo, fast. Fortunately, she’ll be heard soon (Oct. 28) on Netflix’s Big Mouth, where she took over the role of Missy from Jenny Slate in the wake of a casting controversy. “Animated me” isn’t as good as the O.G. version, but it’ll do (for now).

(Via TIME)