Rainn Wilson Thinks It’s Super Weird When Fans Get Dwight Schrute Tattoos

04.07.15 4 years ago

If, for any reason, you’ve ever performed a Google image search for “Dwight Schrute tattoo,” you’re probably aware of the veritable cornucopia of bizarre results it yields. People really, really liked the Dwight character and seem to want his face permanently etched onto their bodies.

But it’s only fair that Rainn Wilson, the man behind the character himself, might feel somewhat freaked out by this, as he confessed to James Corden on The Late Late Show last night. Not as weird as the chick who got Dwight Schrute tattooed on her foot is going to feel in 30-40 years when most people have no idea what a Dwight Schrute is, though.

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