Rami Malek Posted His First Instagram Photo With Stephen Colbert Despite Having Over 95,000 Followers

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Rami Malek stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night doing the rounds for season two of Mr. Robot, which recently picked up a whopping six Emmy nominations for its freshman year. Despite playing a genius programmer on the USA series, Malek revealed to Colbert that prior to the role of Elliot Alderson, he actually knew nothing about hacking or technology in general. Even worse, his typing skills were woefully sub-par when he started working on the show (and by “typing skills” it seems like his skill was basically mashing the keyboard with his fingers), so much so that he eventually was forced to take a typing class.

One thing that Malek does have in common with Elliot, however, is that neither are very fond of social media. Around the 5:30 mark in the above clip, when asked if he likes social media, Malek responds, “I’m not crazy about social media because I think it’s a little bit polarizing, it’s difficult to figure out exactly what’s happening on social media, you know? Things seem very manicured, I think it pits people against each other.”

Colbert points out that this may be why Malek has an Instagram account with nearly 100,000 followers (102K at the time of this writing) with no posts yet. So in honor of his Late Night appearance, Malek agreed to give something to the people and post a selfie with Colbert, who even had a selfie stick all ready to go. After some adorable debate on what is the correct angle to take a selfie with a selfie stick, history was made.

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