Ranking The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Characters In The Order They Should Be Killed Off In The Final Season

The final season of Sons of Anarchy premieres tonight on FX with a 27-hour episode that will be broken up into 9 three-hour musical montages featuring Katey Sagal’s entire discography. Nearly every character is killed in an uber-violent fashion, while two entirely new casts are introduced and murdered. It’s going to be a long night.

When we wake up in the morning, who knows who will be left standing, but if I were a betting man, the cast of regulars and semi-regulars on Sons of Anarchy would be dispatched in the following order over the course of the last season.

10. Ron Tully — We haven’t been introduced to the character played by Marilyn Manson yet, but he should show up in the season premiere as a white supremacist who Jax uses to get a leg up in prison. Expect Jax to use, and then quickly dispose of Mr. Tully during the premiere. We hardly knew you, creepy Marilyn Manson character.

9. Juice Ortiz — He’s escaped death several times over the course of the series, but after killing Sheriff Roosevelt and covering up the death of Tara for Gemma in last year’s finale, Juice’s days are numbered. Sutter is going to want a bloodbath in the series premiere, and he’s going to want to take out a major character. Juice, who will be blamed for Tara’s death first, is the most likely culprit.

8. Henry Lin — The gang wars will be at the center of much of the final season of Sons, in particular the war over guns between the Byz Lats, the One-Niners, and the Chinese. Henry Lin, the leader of the Lin Triad, will be first to go.

7. Rat Boy — Kurt Sutter has said that only two members of SAMCRO will die this season, but I’m assuming he’s not including Jax among those two. The one besides Juice to die, I think, will be Rat Boy: He’ll be collateral damage in the gang wars.

6. Wendy Teller — Wendy might make it to mid-season, but as the presumed custodial parent of Jax’s children — and not a friend to Jax — expect a lot of tension between Wendy and Jax. I actually think that Wendy probably returns to drugs because of the stress of her situation and dies from an overdose.

5. August Marks — The One-Niners boss, who has quietly recurred these last two seasons, will be another consequence of the gang wars.

4. Nero Padilla — Padilla, as the leader of the Byz Lats, makes it the longest, but believe it or not, Gemma sells him out to spare herself. Gemma will accuse Nero of killing Tara, and Jax will dispose of him.

3. Chief Wayne Unser — He almost makes it to the end! In trying to protect Gemma from Jax, Unser martyrs himself for the woman he loves. After seven seasons, he survives terminal cancer, but he doesn’t survive the bullet Jax has in mind for Gemma.

2. Gemma Teller — Eventually, however, that bullet will find its way to Gemma, once Jax finally figures out that Gemma was the one that killed Tara. It won’t happen until the finale, however.

1. Jax Teller — Jax survives a shootout with Gemma, but SURPRISE, Unser actually had a few breaths left in him after all, enough to open his eyes pull the trigger on the gun on the ground in front of him, killing Jax before Unser dies in the final seconds of the series.

Survivors: Bobby takes the Presidency back from Jax, Chibs is the VP, and Tig survives with his new old lady, Venus Van Dam. Oh, and Happy lives, as does Chucky, who is finally patched in because SAMCRO is that desperate for new members.