Ray Romano Has No Interest In Giving ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ One Of Those Newfangled Reboots: ‘They’re Never As Good’

Everybody loves TV revivals. Well, maybe not everybody. For every Night Court, which has enjoyed critical and commercial success, there’s a Frasier, which is not as beloved as the original, to put it mildly. Could the fate befall, let’s say, Everybody Loves Raymond? We’ll probably never find out.

Per Variety, Ray Romano went on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday, where the subject of reviving one of the biggest sitcoms of the ‘90s and aughts came up. Romano didn’t even see that as a possibility.

“As far as a reboot, well, it’s now out of the question because unfortunately the parents are gone: Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts,” Romano pointed out.

Still, Frasier 2.0 managed to eke by without even most of its surviving cast members, including David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves. Couldn’t a Raymond 2.0 focus on the remaining Barones? Alas, Romano had another reason to keep on keepin’ on: He doesn’t think reboots are so hot.

“They’re never as good,” Romano said. “We want to leave with our legacy with what it is.”

Luckily, those who love the suburban adventures of the Barones can watch them on either Peacock and on Paramount+. Perhaps 210 episodes across nine whole seasons is enough.

As for Romano, he’s doing just fine. He’ll soon be appearing in Netflix’s No Good Deed, a dark comedy starring him and Lisa Kudrow. Heck, he’s even been (great) in a Martin Scorsese picture, even if the great director had no idea he was a big deal.

(Via Variety)