Four ‘Reservation Dogs’ Actresses Got Matching Tattoos Following A ‘Historic’ Episode

All the best cast members get tattoos to commemorate their time with each other. The members of the Fellowship of the Ring did it, the Pretty Little Liars also matched up their ink, and Pete Davidson got several during his stint with fellow reality co-star (and significant other) Kim Kardashian! Basically, it’s a nice thing to do and has been increasingly common among co-stars and friends, which is why some of the ladies of Reservation Dogs decided to get some matching ink after the latest episode.

After the monumental female-led episode of Hulu/ FX’s hit series, the stars decided they needed to do something special to honor each other, so, naturally, they decided to get matching Navajo floral tattoos to represent their bond. This episode of the remarkable series followed Rita (Sarah Podemski) as she and her three friends attended a health conference and decided to turn it into a hilarious and also heartwarming girls’ trip.

Directly following the filming of the episode, Podemski and her co-stars, Jana Schmieding, Nathalie Standingcloud, and her sister Tamara Podemski decided to be permanently bonded by getting matching tattoos.

“We were all trying to figure out if we’d ever seen four Indigenous women on screen,” Podemski told Variety. “It had a huge impact on all four of us — it felt really historic. I don’t want to be dramatic about it, but it felt really special. It did not pass us by that that whole week that we were in rehearsal and when we were filming that it was a real special moment in television.”

The episode was also written and directed by Indigenous director Tazbah Rose Chavez, and showed the quartet on-screen living their best medical conference lives. Podemski is very aware of just how unique the series is, and it’s not lost on the cast and crew. “It’s always amazing just to see so many Native faces in our cast. We’ve all known each other for so long. I’ve been in this industry for almost 30 years, since I was a kid, and I’ve grown up with all these faces and worked with most of them, or admired their work,” the actress a href=””>explained, adding that the crew harbors a safe and welcoming environment so that they are able to shot episodes like this, where there are both amazing female-led performances, and also a scene of Rita steaming her vagina. That is range!!

“It feels very safe that this is all coming from an Indigenous perspective,” Podemski added. “We’re talking about our grief and our community’s grief and it could be something that in the wrong hands is very triggering, but every step of the way we have Native writers, directors, a full Native cast.

New episodes of Reservations Dogs premiere on Wednesdays on Hulu.

(Via Variety)