Retta’s Emmy Enemy Has Spoken Out, But He’s Not Helping His Case

During Monday night’s Emmy Awards ceremony, as you’re probably aware, Retta live-tweeted the saga of some ass clown she got stuck sitting next to, who pestered her until she had him thrown out. While I thought it was pretty funny, the comments section was divisive and many people pointed out that Retta could have maybe used a bit more tact in the situation — which is me summing up the ensuing comments in the politest way possible.

Anyway, the person has been identified as “clothing designer” Alexandrew Khazai, and — while I definitely understand where many of you were coming from — I’m starting to think this jackass got exactly what he deserved. Khazai has taken to Twitter to clear his name, via the account for his so-called clothing company, by way of a barrage of douchey brags and fat jokes.

Retta’s “white” joke > everything below:

So yeah, sorry everyone but I’m still firmly Team Retta. If these tweets are even the slightest indication to this dude’s personality, then I think having him shut down and laughing about it on Twitter was TOTALLY WARRANTED.

Feel free to vehemently disagree with me in the comments.

(Via Jezebel)