Revisit Mischa Barton’s Tough-Talking Prostitute In This ‘Law & Order’ Celebrities Supercut

In August, Dustin wrote about a bunch of before-we-cared-what-kind-of-hair-product-they-use celebrities on Law & Order. But words, man, amirite? They’re so wordy and all those LETTERS. Luckily, the fine folks at Slacktory — their previous work includes “Every drink on Mad Men,” “45 seconds of Walt freaking out,” and “All the shouting on The Newsroom — have put together a supercut featuring tons of “Hey, I didn’t know he/she was on Law & Order!” moments. I’m disappointed Charlie Day didn’t make the cut, but all is forgiven when I’m listening to Mischa Barton’s YOUSE WISE GUYS GO DOES YOUR STUFF OVA THERE accent.

Plus, hey, Robin Williams, I didn’t know he was on Law & Order!

(Via Clip Nation)