Richard Erdman, The Veteran Film And TV Actor Who Played Leonard On ‘Community,’ Has Died

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Richard Erdman, the veteran film actor who later endeared himself to a new audience as Leonard Rodriguez on Community, has died at the age of 93. According to The Hollywood Reporter, film historian Alan Rode broke the news on Saturday in a tweet. “Goodbye pal,” the post read. “Dick Erdman 1925-2019.” Neither THR nor Rode were able to provide any other details about Erdman’s death at the time.

Erdman made a name for himself in dramatic films like The Men, in which he co-starred with Marlon Brando, as well as Cry Danger and Stalag 17. He also played the lead role in the classic The Twilight Zone episode “A Kind of a Stopwatch,” which first aired in 1963. More recently, however, Erdman made a name for himself as the hilarious and crotchety Greendale Community College student Leonard on Dan Harmon‘s popular comedy series Community.

The leader of the so-called “Hipsters,” which was a group of geriatric Greendale students who’ve all had their hips replaced, Leonard would frequently harass the members of the study group throughout the show’s run. As a result of these frequent encounters, the phrase “Shut up, Leonard!” became one of the show’s most popular running gags.

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