Rick And Michonne Are The King And Queen Of ‘The Walking Dead,’ And Other Takeaways

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03.06.17 20 Comments

With the fourth episode of season 7B of The Walking Dead, “Say Yes,” the series extends its winning streak in the back half with another strong installment, this one directed by Greg Nicotero (who dropped a fun Creepshow Easter egg into the episode). “Say Yes” not only moves the storyline forward, but it’s one of the series’ better character-building episodes. It also illustrates that Rick and Michonne’s relationship is more than a fan-service novelty; there’s genuine affection between the two, and “Say Yes” suggests that their love is durable enough to survive the series, or at least survive until one of the two (or both) is killed off.

“Say Yes” also continues the back half of the season’s trend toward lighter episodes, sprinkling moments of levity throughout, including a scene where Rick and Michonne fall through the roof off a school in almost cartoonish fashion only to make a soft landing and spend the next five minutes laughing at their good fortune, good luck compounded by their discovery of a crate of ready-to-eat food. (“It’s chili and mac & cheese. Together. Come on!” Rick jokes.)

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