Rob Schneider’s ‘Real Rob’ Promises To Hit Netflix With A ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Feel

Netflix is currently the holy grail of all streaming networks and the service sets a benchmark for original content to binge on. As of right now, it’s home to quality series including Daredevil, Orange Is The New Black, Jessica Jones, Master of None. This makes it somewhat confusing that Rob Schneider’s new series, Real Rob, was ordered for a full season worth of episodes. Netflix must feel confident enough in the material for such a vote of confidence. Stranger things have happened in television, yes?

The trailer for the series seems like Curb Your Enthusiasm minus Larry David, minus the actual comedy, but with the addition of Rob Schneider. Also, the high definition makes Schneider seem even more visually hard-hitting than usual. On the plus side, it does feature an appearance by the one and only Norm MacDonald. If that isn’t enough reason to warrant at least a glance, I don’t know what is.

All episodes of Real Rob will be available for mass consumption come December 1st. So, if you’re a fan of Schneider or a glutton of punishment, you’ll be able to watch the entire season then.

Again, on the positive side: This show does feature Norm MacDonald.