Kick-Ass Rumor: The Captain America Spin-Off TV Series ‘Agent Carter’ Has Signed Its Lead Star

Dan Seitz first reported back in September the possibility after the success of the “Agent Carter” One-Shot short film on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray that Marvel would run with a television series based on the character, and now according to the UK Mirror (I know! I know! Specious, at best), the series has signed its lead.

Here’s what the publication had to say:

Huge congratulations to Hayley Atwell who has just landed her own major TV series Stateside in a new spin-off to Captain America. The London-born actress, 31, is about to start work on Agent Carter, which will be out at the end of the year. It comes just weeks after she completed filming on the second Capt America movie, playing bolshy agent, Peggy Carter.

It makes some sense. Captain America: Winter Soldier is coming out this summer, so the character will presumably never be as popular as she is going into the fall (even though she’s not in the sequel much), and it’s not as though Atwell has been doing a lot. But it mostly makes sense because I want it to make sense, and though Marvel’s Netflix series featuring Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Iron Fist arrive in 2015, I’d love to see Marvel redeem itself sooner for the mess that is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Moreover, unlike nearly every character in S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter has some damn personality, and it would be f**king awesome to have a female-led superhero series. It’s not Wonder Woman, but it will definitely do.

Tell me, this doesn’t appeal to you:

Check out a clip from the short film: Lady has a lot of wallop in that suitcase:

Let’s make this happen. Let’s just hope the series doesn’t try and get cute with the cameos, and that it doesn’t cast a bunch of Blandy McBlandersons in supporting roles.

Source: Mirror