We Finally Get To Meet The Sand Snakes During Sunday’s ‘Game Of Thrones’

After months of buildup, Game of Thrones viewers finally get to see the Sand Snakes in all their nipply breastplate glory during this Sunday’s episode. The s-s-sinister eight are the bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn, and although we might only see three of them (Obara, Nymeria, and Tyene), that’s more than enough. They’re as “thirsty for Lannister blood,” according to actress Keisha Castle-Hughes (Obara), as Tommen is for more time in the sack with Margaery.

Here’s what Castle-Hughes had to say about her character to Vanity Fair.

One part of what makes her character so intimidating is her wardrobe. Obara and her sisters wear armadillo-skin-like chest plates with nipples that give them seductive and alluring looks, which keep their enemies off guard. “Obara wears her armor 24/7,” Castle-Hughes notes. “She always wants to be ready for battle.” As for the nipples: “It’s Game of Thrones! You still have to keep it sexy,” she laughs. Though, she’s relieved that she won’t have to be nude on screen. “Oh my gosh, to think how many people watch the show, like my fifth grade teacher or the parents of my daughter’s friends, that would be embarrassing,” she admits. “I’m so happy that Obara doesn’t have an ounce of sexuality!” (Via)

The next time you see someone naked on Game of Thrones, think of that person’s pediatrician or childhood babysitter. You will instantly feel horrible about all of your life choices.

Via: Vanity Fair