‘Satahday Night Rive-Ah!’

06.09.11 7 years ago 28 Comments

“Saturday Night Live” has one of my favorite opening credits sequences on TV: it’s shot in such a stylized way that I’m always like, “Wow, New York looks so cool, I wish I lived there” even though I ALREADY LIVE IN NEW YORK. Well, the Japanese version of “SNL” debuted this month, and the opening credits sequence is exactly the same but with Japanese people in a Japanese city. It’s got everything I want in it, minus a Hello Kitty factory and Japanese businessman looking at tentacle porn on a crowded subway. More from Axiom:

The show will air monthly and is sticking to the live feed performance style which is a relatively new angle in contrast to the heavily edited variety shows popular in Japan.

As for the first episode, the sets and feel are very much akin to that of its American counterpart. However, the heavy influence of Japanese Konto style slap-stick comedy has replaced the more character focused, sketches that any viewer of the original show might be used to.

Anyway, the real reason I wanted to share the opening credits is because the announcer kicks it off by saying, “Ah-Satahday Night Rive-ah!”, which is funny because…. Hmm. Is there a way I can end that sentence without sounding racist?

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