‘Saturday Night Live’ Made The Awesome Decision To Add Leslie Jones To The Cast

The 40th season of Saturday Night Live has had some good and very bad moments through the first three episodes, but there has certainly been some promise displayed by the show’s new blood. For starters, Pete Davidson earned rave reviews for his debut routine on Weekend Update, while he has also shown his talent for delivering laughs in sketches. But some people might argue that the show’s brightest new star is Leslie Jones, who was hired as a writer earlier this year after a talent search. Jones eventually got some screen time on Weekend Update last season – remember the controversy? – and she made several great appearances in the first three episodes of this season.

Apparently Lorne Michaels and Co. have heard us laughing with Jones, because Deadline reports that she has been promoted to featured player ahead of this week’s episode starring Jim Carrey. That’s obviously great news – hopefully for the ratings, too – but let’s hope that it’s not the end of Jones swinging by Weekend Update to call Colin Jost a “sexy vanilla muffin” and “delectable Caucasian.” He probably benefits from her incredible personality more than anyone.

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