Say F*ckity Hi To The Peter Capaldi Era On 'Doctor Who' With Capaldeyes

12.26.13 4 years ago 39 Comments

who eyes

While us Americans were trapped under pounds of Duck Dynasty wrapping papers, 8.3 million Brits were celebrating Christmas by staring at a magical glowing box. The Matt Smith-era came to an end on Doctor Who last night, which is both good and bad: the bad, Matt Smith was charming in a floppy puppy kind of way; the good, PETER F*CKING CAPALDI. He’s the angry Doctor the show both wants and needs, and his first words were:

time traveled

OK, not really, they were actually something about kidneys, but a man can dream. Here’s what actually happened.

And thanks to Whovian Leap, now you can download your very own Peter Capaldi eyes.


“You were like a sweaty Zygon trying to unhook a bra.”

(Via Whovian Leap)

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