Say Goodbye To Your Sunday Evenings, Because AMC Is Going To Start Marathon-Airing ‘Breaking Bad’

As if there wasn’t already enough going on Sunday nights TV-wise, with True Blood, The Leftovers, and John Oliver on HBO and The Strain on FX — since AMC doesn’t have anything going on right now they’re just like, f*ck it, we’ll dump a bunch of Breaking Bad episodes out there. So, that’s what they’re doing. Starting this Sunday, August 10th, through October 5th, AMC is going to be running the entire series of Breaking Bad from the pilot to “Felina” from 5pm to 1am every Sunday night, with exclusive cast and crew interviews to sweeten the deal. Which means, depending what you’re already watching, you could effectively get in four episodes before True Blood (or just skip True Blood, I won’t tell), and one in after John Oliver. And yes, true, you can just as easily watch on Netflix, but that takes effort. Whereas if I’m flipping through channels and see Breaking Bad on? I will never not watch.

Eight hours in front of the television every Sunday? No big, just HOOK IT TO MY VEINS. Not included by AMC: The giant spatula you’ll need to pry your ass off the couch afterward and hose of ranch dressing.