Rob Delaney And Sharon Horgan Navigate Parenthood In The Trailer for Season 2 Of ‘Catastrophe’

One of the most pleasant surprises of the year in television in 2015 was the British sitcom Catastrophe, starring U.S. born standup comic Rob Delaney and UK born and bred comic actress and writer Sharon Horgan. The show, which originally aired on Channel 4 in England, was purchased by Amazon, which streamed the six-episode first season. And it was successful enough to have spawned a second one, which premieres on Amazon Instant Video April 8.

In the first season, Delaney played Rob, an American ad executive in London on business who has a brief affair with an Irish school teacher during the trip. A few weeks later, after he’s returned to the states, Rob gets a call from Sharon telling him she’s pregnant, so he returns to London, where the two strike up a relationship, get engaged and eventually agree to tie the knot.

In Season 2 of Catastrophe, which began airing in the UK last October, Sharon has the baby and she and Rob struggle “to stay in love–and lust–while taking their trademark mayhem into parenthood,” according to a press release. Back for Season 2 are Carrie Fisher as Rob’s mother, Ashley Jensen (Ugly Betty) as a friend of Sharon’s and several other members of the Season 1 ensemble.