See The Real-Life ‘Archer’ Character Models, Including Cute-As-An-Ocelot Cheryl

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02.06.13 35 Comments

Remember when we introduced you to the nightmare fuel that is IRL Beavis and Butthead? Yeah, my eyes haven’t stopped hurting from all the acid I poured in them, either. Well, luckily, when it comes to Archer, you no longer have to worry that your imaginary girlfriend, who looks like what you think Cheryl Tunt would in real life, is actually hideous. Our buddy Matt Thompson passed along to Vulture “pictures of a ragtag group of friends of the show and fellow animators that they wanted to use as physical guideposts” when the ISIS gang was first designed. For instance, Sterling was drawn to resemble “Jason Fitzgerald, professional photographer/former model,” whose Archer casting, Thompson adds, is used “as a pick-up line at bars.” Much better than my, “You make my panties wet.”

Check out real-life Malory, Pam, Cheryl, Lana (HOOTERS WAITRESS), and more below.

MODEL: Kathleen Cohen, local Atlanta actress

BODY MODEL: Kynyetta Lester, beautiful wing-slinger

MODEL: Candi McElhannon, Atlanta antiques dealer

MODEL: Siobhan Price, writer/producer of Adult Swim–sponsored promotions

MODEL: Dr. Ben Brieger, Austin’s coolest ER Doctor

See the rest, as well as whether IRL Cheryl enjoys autoerotic asphyxiation, over at Vulture.

(Via Vulture)

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