Where Have We Seen The Actor Behind Tonight's Big 'True Detective' Reveal Before?

03.02.14 5 years ago 36 Comments

Cajun Boy will be along Monday morning with his True Detective recap and a full discussion of the episode, but before then, we couldn’t wait to discuss the actor behind a crucial reveal in the series. SPOILERS BELOW, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, go on and get out of here.

Don’t peak below Alexandra Daddario’s shirt if you don’t want to know anything about tonight’s episode.

So, as we saw at the end of tonight’s episode of True Detective, the identity of the Spaghetti Monster — the man with the scars — was revealed in the last minutes of the episode, and he was who many on the Internet had already predicted he would be: The riding lawn mower guy.

His character name, actually, is Errol, and he’s the half brother of Billy Lee Tuttle, and the bastard son of Sam Tuttle. He also happens to be played by Glenn Fleshler. That name may not ring any immediate bells, but anyone who watched HBO’s series Boardwalk Empire will instantly recognize him as the guy who played George Remus in the series.

Fleshler is more frequently a stage actor, though he was in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine with Cate Blanchett, as well as Damages on FX. Here’s what he looks like in real life.

Getty Image

I doubt that Fleshler is likely to be a Hollywood leading man anytime soon, but for the next week, Fleshler is going to get more press than he has in his entire career.

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