Turn Your Life Into A Show About Nothing With This ‘Seinfeld’ Theme Song Door Sensor

This little gem of a creation might seem pointless, but it is at least fun AND pointless. Seinfeld fan Calixxs took some time back in March to put this sensor together for whenever someone might enter the door, giving life a bit of that sitcom flavor that we desperately hope for from time to time. Reddit dug it up for a little pre-Thanksgiving fun. If you’ve ever sat around feeling the weight of the world crashing down onto your shoulders as your realize your existence is meaningless, this may be the idea for you.

Calixxs describes the method behind the contraption in the video description:

It reads from a micro SD card and randomly picks one of however many MP3s found. It uses a IR motion detector, and waits 7 seconds after playing a sound before it can be triggered again.

The possibilities are endless, clearly. And if Seinfeld isn’t your bag, maybe go with one of the various “Norms!” from Cheers or a “Hey, Dumbass” from That 70s Show. Luckily, the real apartment door in Seinfeld didn’t feature a chime. It likely would’ve gotten annoying after a while with Kramer busting in and out all the time. You’d almost want Bruh Man from Martin to show up and break things up a bit.

(Via caliixxs)