Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Laughter Was The Real Festivus Miracle For The Cast And Crew Of ‘Seinfeld’

and 12.23.15 4 years ago 5 Comments

When we watch Seinfeld‘s “The Strike” — an episode that we took a look at last week — whether today or 17 years ago, we really don’t get an idea of how funny the concept of Festivus was to the cast. Even in the Season 9 blooper reel, we only get a glimpse of how hard it was for the actors to keep it together during the filming of the Festivus dinner, and it had to have been hard because that was such a hilarious scene. For one star in particular, it was nearly impossible to get through her scenes, as Julia Louis-Dreyfus could not stop laughing about her special dinner companions from the betting parlor.

“When shooting ‘The Strike,’ one of my favorite things, in hindsight, that used to happen is when it was very late at night Julia Louis-Dreyfus would get the giggles and it was usually the last or second to last scene of the night,” writer Alec Berg recalls. “She would start to laugh and part of me was like, ‘Ugh, dammit, we gotta get this done so we can go home and get a few hours of sleep before we have to come back tomorrow morning and start all over again.’ But her laugh is so infectious and so enjoyable that everybody else would just start laughing, and I can’t even remember what the line was. There was a guy named Colin, the long-haired guy, he had a cable access show called Colin’s Sleazy Friends, where he would hang out with porn stars and we hired him off of that. We thought he was such a hilarious scuzzy scumbag guy. I can’t remember what the line was but she was supposed to turn to him and say something and we must have tried to do that line 30 times and she just kept breaking.”


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