Seth Green Has Been Cast In Seth MacFarlane’s Live-Action Multi-Camera Comedy

Seth Green will always get a pass in my book for (a) playing Kenny Fisher in Can’t Hardly Wait, and (b) being a consistently hilarious guest on The Soup, so I am going to take a second or two to carefully choose the words I use to describe this news. Please, read this blockquote while get my thoughts together.

Seth Green, who has voiced Chris Griffin in all but one episode of Seth MacFarlane’s animated series Family Guy, is teaming with MacFarlane again. He’s now been set as the other lead in Dads, Fox‘s six-episode multi-camera comedy series. The project is from Ted‘s Alec Sulkin & Wellesley Wild and MacFarlane and centers on two successful guys in their 30s, Eli (Green) and Warner (Tommy Dewey), who have their lives turned upside down when their nightmare dads (Peter Riegert, Martin Mull) unexpectedly move in with them. [Deadline]

So, okay. I want to give this show a fair shake, not only because of Seth Green, but also because people with opinions I respect insist American Dad has turned into a really good show. But on the other hand UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH I see words like “Seth MacFarlane” and “Ted” and “multi-camera comedy,” and I just want to start rolling my eyes backward until I can actually see the “What if the final game in Space Jam was SlamBall instead of regular basketball?” daydream going on in my brain right now. I mean, could this be a good show? Yeah, sure. Of course. But the odds are definitely stacked against it.