Fred Armisen And Seth Meyers Do Their Best To Clear The Air Before Thanksgiving With Some Odd Results

Friends are friends because they can just, talk it out. You know? Friends are honest with each other. But friends are just people, and people can let the little things build up. Call it being polite, or simply being non-confrontational, but sometimes friends just have to sit in a dark room with each other while surrounded by candles so they can stare into each other’s eyes and clear the air.

This is healthy, this air-clearing. And don’t think that clearing the air is exclusive to busy Hollywood stars like Seth Meyers or Fred Armisen. They may have greater access to dimly-lit rooms and smooth rock collections than “normal” people, but they still have things to get off their chest, and that’s why they’re using this controlled environment to do so. It’s been a long election season for Seth, and Fred is on constant publicity tours for everything from Documentary Now! to the latest season of Portlandia. That’s why they’re here. This is happening.

It’s a thoughtful, touching segment that lets you see the earnest nature of Fred and the overbearing neediness of Seth. Fred is in town, on Seth’s show, in a dimly-lit room so Seth can get things off his chest, and Fred just wants to, you know. He feels like. It’s not really a feeling. It’s a sense. There’s an underlying. It’s not him. You know?

(Via Late Night with Seth Meyers)