Seth Meyers Torched Trump For Endorsing ‘ERIC’ In The Missouri Senate Race, Where Two Erics Were Running

When in doubt, vote for Eric. That’s the big takeaway Missourians seem to have understood from Donald Trump, who proudly declared that he was endorsing “ERIC” for senator… except two men named Eric were on the ballot. On Wednesday night, Seth Meyers was ready to run with what was either an epic flub or a sneaky way to double the former president’s chances that his candidate would win the race.

Describing the situation as a story that “perfectly captures the current state of the Republican party,” Meyers went on to lay out the facts of what happened:

Donald Trump—a man who, let’s not forget, tried to overthrow American democracy and is currently under multiple criminal investigations—created confusion in Missouri’s Republican Senate primary by endorsing someone named Eric in a race with multiple Erics without specifying which Eric he was endorsing. And then, both Erics bragged that they’d been endorsed by Trump. A man who, again, is not only under multiple active criminal investigations for inciting a coup to overthrow American democracy, but is also beginning to look less like a former president and more like the Nick Nolte mug shot.

I mean, is his head getting smaller or is his hat getting bigger? It looks like his hat is some kind of organism feeding on his blood. Look how pale he is!

Donald Trump and Nick Nolte

Meyers went on to compare Trump to looking like he’s “halfway through a Raiders of the Lost Ark face melt” and—in a reference that only Meyers could make work—suggested that the former president “looks like he’s starring in the next Martin McDonagh film as the ghost of an Irish priest opposite Colin Farrell.”

You can watch the full clip above beginning at the 4:40 mark.