Seth Meyers Can’t Believe He Needs To Explain Why Reopening The Country By Easter Is A Terrible Idea

While working from his home studio, Seth Meyers devoted his “Closer Look” segment to railing against Donald Trump‘s seemingly arbitrary wish to reopen the country by Easter. As most people may have noticed, America is kind of in the middle of a growing pandemic, and if coronavirus rates continue at their current rate, it’s only a matter of time until the country becomes the epicenter for the outbreak in the weeks ahead.

However, as Meyer notes, the president has a history of “magical thinking,” which seems to be behind his latest talking point that the country will just snap out of the pandemic on Easter Sunday and everything will go back to normal, including the stock market. As for where Trump came up with the Easter timeline, Meyers played a clip that showed that the president dodging questions on if he arrived on that date after consulting with health or medical officials, and clearly, he did not.

“So you just came up with that yourself? You’re literally onstage with multiple doctors and you decided to cede the decision to this guy?” Meyers quipped while flashing to an image of the White House Easter Bunny.

As if the president’s obsession with lifting the quarantine by Easter wasn’t bad enough, and in direct contradiction with the advice of Dr. Fauci and the surgeon general as Meyers methodically points out, Trump also wants to see churches filled with parishioners on that glorious Sunday when the pandemic magically ends.

“Your plan to deal with a very contagious disease is to pack as many people as possible into enclosed spaces, have them touch their faces and drink out of the same cup?” Meyers asked. “That’s not even a great idea when there isn’t a pandemic. It’s almost like he’s trying to get as many people sick as he possibly can.”

Meyer wraps up the segment by laying the blame for Trump’s rush to reopen the country at the feet of “the ruling class” who are pushing for America to get back to work so their stock portfolios don’t take a hit. This includes Glenn Beck, who Meyers roasts for looking like “divorced Santa” while the former Fox News host argues that saving the economy is more important than saving American lives. Obviously, the president agrees, which is why he’s floating such “a beautiful timeline.”

You can watch Meyers’ full segment below:

(Via Late Night With Seth Meyers)