Watch Seth Rogen Sing The Entire ‘Mr. Belvedere’ Theme Song On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Apropos of nothing, Seth Rogen sang the Mr. Belvedere theme song in its entirety on Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Well, that’s not entirely true. Last week, Rogen tweeted that he knew all the words to the classic ’80s theme song, and like any good talk-show host, Jimmy Kimmel asked him to put his money where his mouth was.

But why does Seth Rogen know all the words to the Mr. Belvedere theme song? Apparently, after years of not knowing the lyrics, and thinking they involved phrases like “I drop-kicked your vagina,” Rogen turned to the internet to figure out how the song went, because the internet is a magical place. Oh hey, speaking of the internet being magical, here is a video of Seth Rogen singing the Mr. Belvedere theme song. You’re welcome!

To see how he stacks up, you can watch the original below. The Night Before opens Nov. 20, everybody!