Seth Rogen And Steve Wozniak Confess Their Darkest Secrets On ‘The Tonight Show’

Seth Rogen talked doing mushrooms with Wolf Blitzer and Steve Wozniak apparently got robbed while getting pizza with Steve Jobs. That’s the kind of stuff we get to hear during this True Confessions segment from The Tonight Show, only one of the tales isn’t the truth.

It’s the one segment from Fallon’s show that doesn’t seem to rely on games and silliness, making it one of the best (although this could just as easily be an interview). We also get a chance to see Wozniak show off with numbers a bit, kinda blowing Rogen and Fallon away with his method for choosing numbered envelopes and hotel rooms.

During the interview portion, Rogen talked a bit about Steve Jobs (the film, obviously) and what it is like to play someone who is a lot smarter than he is. You got a taste of that in the opening segment, but this drives it home and also gives you a better picture of what Steve Jobs is going to feel like on the big screen.

And later Rogen talked a bit about this year’s Hilarity For Charity event, featuring a Bar Mitzvah for his good friend and weird artist guy, James Franco. Last year, Rogen got Bel Biv Devoe on stage for a throw back affair that raised close to $1 million for Alzeimer’s awareness. This year, Miley Cyrus is headlining and a real rabbi will be doing the honors for Franco. It will be better than The Interview, and it’s for a good cause.

(Via The Tonight Show)