‘Sex And The City’ Quotes That Prove Alcohol Is A True Friend

If there’s one thing Sex and the City taught us, it’s that no situation, no matter how terrible, can’t be made better by a group of girlfriends sharing a great cosmo. Cocktails were just as important as orgasms on the HBO drama (which can be streamed anytime on HBO Now). And that’s really saying something. From lamenting bad breakups to celebrating fulfilling hookups, pondering their romantic futures and toasting to their great loves – shoes, shopping, and each other – Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) never missed a chance to knock back their signature drink.

Finding three best friends who stick by your side through illness, messy divorces, babies, and brief love affairs with older men that drag you halfway across the world is one of life’s greatest challenges. That kind of loyalty takes time to nurture and grow, but there’s one ride-or-die that’s easier to come by.

Here are five Sex and the City lines that prove there’s no better friend than booze.

“Hello, I’m drunk.” – Miranda

Every socially awkward person knows that one of alcohol’s greatest superpowers is the ability to quickly and painlessly break the ice. It’s the social lubricant guaranteed to make you have a good time. When Carrie drags the girls to Staten Island, of all places, so that she can judge a sexy fireman competition, their normal order — a Cosmopolitan — isn’t on the menu, but they find a way to get mind-numbingly drunk and pole dance on the ferry ride home thanks to the garbage can of boozy cocktails — a Staten Island iced tea. You should probably order that the next time you’re packed on a sweaty dance floor with people who don’t know how to pronounce their R’s and A’s properly.