NBC Is Somehow Turning ‘Oliver Twist’ Into A Sexy Procedural

There’s something on television for everyone. If you like Russian spy thrillers, there’s The Americans. If you like Back to the Future but wish Doc Brown was drunk all the time, there’s Rick and Morty. If you like suits, there’s Suits. But in the age of #PeakTV, there’s a niche that hasn’t been filled, a single itch that has yet to be scratched: Charles Dickens… but sexy. That’s all NBC needed to hear to order Twist, a modern take on Dickens’ 1830s novel, Oliver Twist.

You should read the next sentence in Jack Donaghy’s voice: Twist is a “sexy contemporary take on Oliver Twist with a struggling twentysomething female (Twist) who finally finds a true sense of family in a strange group of talented outcasts who use their unique skills to take down wealthy criminals.” (Good God, Lemon.) That’s according to the Hollywood Reporter, which adds, “Writing duo Chad Damiani and J.P. Lavin will pen the script.” They’re the team behind Fruit Ninja, which, yes, is a movie based on a mobile app game.

Twist should pair nicely with Fox’s Camelot, another sultry modern-day procedural based on something or someone that people have heard of, which is all it takes these days (see: Fruit Ninja movie). But I, for one, am here for the sexy-fication of history. Now it’s no longer a matter of if some network transforms cruel despot Pol Pot into a buxom blonde named Polly, but when.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)