The Next Season Of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Won’t Include The Headless Horseman

The second season of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow series was such a hot mess that I totally and completely abandoned it during the winter hiatus. Deleted it off my season pass and everything. I only started watching it for Orlando Jones, whose Frank Irving character was tossed on the trash heap by new showrunner Clifton Campbell along with Katrina (Katia Winter), Henry (John Noble), and Hawley (Matt Barr). None of them will be returning next season.

I can’t honestly say I’m sad about the loss of the last three, but the newest info is that the Headless Horseman — by which I assume they mean Abraham Van Brunt (Neil Jackson) — won’t be riding around in season three, either. Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), and Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood) will remain as the main cast. Zach Appelman, who played the sheriff’s son, Joe Corbin, will be added as a recurring character.

According to TV Guide:

“Jenny and Joe are going to track down a lot of things that are going to help Abbie and Crane, and in doing so really do a deep dive on their past and their connections to each other,” Campbell says. “It allows Jenny and Joe to be more operative and on their feet in their support and help of Abbie and Crane and fills out the gang in a much more interesting, emotional way.”

Look, I only kept watching it as long as I did because I assumed at a certain point Neil Jackson would go shirtless, as well as headless (and I was not disappointed). I’m not saying I’ve got photos of him on my phone, but I’m not not saying that, either. This “no Headless Horseman” news is so upsetting, I’m tempted to watch the episodes I missed just so that I can quit the show again in protest, but it’s been a long summer, and I’ve got a lot of Penny Dreadful to catch up on, so no.

There’s an idea, Hollywood. Put Jackson in Penny Dreadful and do Sleepy Hollow just as a web series about a confused Revolutionary War-era soldier trying to figure out state sales tax and yoga. That was always the best part of the series, anyway.

(Via Den of Geek and TV Guide)