‘SNL’ Cold Open Found Alec Baldwin’s Trump Singing Queen In Celebration Of A Second Term

Last week was a hellish one in Trump’s America, largely thanks to Alabama’s new, draconian abortion laws, which were a clear shot at the heart of Roe vs. Wade. That might be a bit too heavy for an SNL Cold Open. Besides, this is the Season 44 finale. So instead of a damning sketch about how America’s women are in danger, it went for a Queen cover.

Yes, Alec Baldwin returned for the umpteenth time as the 45th president. He’s been AWOL for much of the season, popping around for the occasional Kanye sketch or an It’s a Wonderful Life parody. This time he bid farewell till the fall, when things will certainly be no different.

But for now, he welcomed summer, a time for leisure and pleasure, a season that, Baldwin’s Trump said, “reminds me of all the things I never have time for: gold, visiting friends in prison, and enjoying all the new tariffs from China.”

He then launched into Queen. Specifically he did a version of “Don’t Stop Me Now,” which he did as a taunt to all the people who’ve failed to take him down after so, so, so, so many fireable offenses. He was joined by Cecily Strong’s Melania, Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence, Aidy Bryant’s Sarah Sanders, even Chris Redd’s Kanye and Kenan Thompson’s Clarence Thomas, who reminded us that Roe vs. Wade may be aborted.

But as we know, nothing stops Trump, and not even a visit by his sons nor the return of Robert De Niro’s Robert Mueller could stop the music. Trump ended by treating his presidential stint as a television show: “Tune in next season to see who lives and who dies.”