‘SNL’ Commercial Comes Up With A Solution For Dogs Who Won’t Leave You Alone In The Bedroom

It’s an idea worthy of Nathan Fielder himself: A fake commercial on the most recent SNL came up with a solution for dogs who won’t leave your side, even when you’re trying to get busy. It’s called “Pound Puppy,” and it’s for frustrated pet lovers tired when their hairy best friends bark during the act or, worse, jump on the bed in an attempt to save their screaming owner.

The faux-ad introduces us to three couples: One played by Ego Nwodim and host Don Cheadle; one by Beck Bennett and Heidi Gardner; and one by Melissa Villeseñor and Alex Moffat. Each one has the same problem: canines that don’t take the hint.

Enter “Pound Puppy.” It’s a giant dog costume big enough for two people, and roomy enough, presumably, for all manner of positions. It provides a safe space for lovers, away from man’s best friend, who can be distracted by the sight of a giant, hairy, plush dog rocking back and forth on the bed. Back to Nathan Fielder, it’s vaguely reminiscent of the Nathan for You episode with the sound-proof box in which you can place your kid when you’re in a hotel and want to have sex without sending he or she off to the pool.

So not a terrible idea, no? There’s even a good slogan: “Your dogs will smile while you doggystyle.”

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