This ‘SNL’ Deleted Sketch Reveals The Secret To Hyperactive Nickelodeon Shows Of The 1990s: DRUGS

04.07.14 21 Comments

Here’s a sketch that was cut from this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, which was hosted by very tiny national treasure Anna Kendrick. The gist of it is as follows: Remember all those Nickelodeon shows from the 1990s that featured a cast of bubbly, manic children in neon clothing? Turns out the kids were on drugs. Specifically, dangerous uncut speedballs called “Dirty Daddy’s Party Pills,” which is just a delightful bit of alliteration.

The sketch is pretty solid, especially once the foundation is in place and things start getting weird. I assume it got cut more because the episode already had a few pre-taped bits than because it wasn’t funny, because it’s definitely at least as funny as most of the stuff that made it to air. Especially the last minute or so. I don’t want to say that I necessarily “advocate” the practice of stuffing pre-teens with amphetamines until they start having violent psychotic breaks in front of millions of people, but I will say that the “Spanish Day” episode looked like some pretty fascinating, avant garde television. Kind of like Tim & Eric for kids. Would watch.

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