Drunk Uncle Wants To ‘Make America Drunk Again’ In Bobby Moynihan’s Final ‘SNL’

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Earlier this week, Bobby Moynihan announced that he was leaving SNL after nine seasons on the show. “My life’s dream was to be on that show and I don’t ever want to leave,” he told E! Online at the Upfronts, but his CBS sitcom, Me, Myself, and I, was picked up, and doing both was impossible.

Moynihan was rarely a sketch-stealer, like Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon, but he wasn’t forgettable either, like What’s His Face and Y’Know, the One With the Hair. He was dependable, rarely flubbing a line, and his reactions were priceless. Moynihan also leaves Studio 8H with two all-time characters: Ass Dan — who, unfortunately, did not live forever (R.I.P.) — and Drunk Uncle.

Drunk Uncle made his debut in 2011, and since then, he’s appeared during Weekend Update over a dozen times, firing off inebriated one-liners, like, “Yeah, I’m a hoarder, but you know what I hoard? 1950’s Playboys and dignity” and “You know, these kids today don’t even leave Santa milk and cookies anymore. It’s all almond milk and Instagram crackers.” The only thing that confuses him more than technology? His catchphrase: “Immigrants!”

With Moynihan leaving after tonight’s finale, Drunk Uncle dropped by the desk one last time to share his feelings on Moonlight (“I thought La La Land should have won”) and #NotMyGhostbusters (“Ghostbusters should be men”). It’s a fitting farewell for Moynihan, who wants everyone to remember:

Make America Drunk Again.

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