MTV’s ‘Floribama Shore’ Gets The Perfect Parody Courtesy Of ‘SNL’

MTV recently premiered Floribama Shore, its attempt to recapture that Jersey Shore magic by taking the formula popularized by that show and sprinkling it with a dash of alligator wrestling and soaking the whole thing in Code Red Mountain Dew.

Saturday Night Live took on this new MTV messfest, setting the show in the midst of Hurricane Irma. Featuring a cavalcade of winners including the massively faux-hawked Kyler (Mikey Day), Trish the “Christian sex addict with gum diseases you ain’t even heard of” (Saoirse Ronan), the lovelorn and soul-patched Pontoon (new cast member Luke Null in possibly his first big sketch performance), and Epcot (Heidi Gardner) and Quartney “with a Quart” (Aidy Bryant, looking very Snooki), who find out mid-catfight that they’re sisters and both daughters of Hulk Hogan (they haven’t met him but they want to).

There’s also Justin (Chris Redd) who’s just trying to get out of the hurricane and get in touch with his wife, Sharon (please, call him, Sharon). There’s also a very important cameo appearance from a stop sign, but we won’t spoil it. Trust us, just stick around for the end of the sketch. And please let us know if the actual Floribama Shore ends in a similar manner. Honestly, we might tune in.

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