‘SNL’ Scorecard: Ryan Gosling Wants Us To Know He Saved Jazz

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10.01.17 6 Comments

Saturday Night Live began its 43rd season months after finishing what just might have been its most successful and important season to date. After a summer in which SNL tried an ill-fated primetime “Weekend Update” series (which just never caught traction), Ryan Gosling hosted its proper return. Alec Baldwin is back as Trump and it’s a little weird to directly compare his impression to what he was doing a year ago. What was an impression of a buffoon who wasn’t going to win is now something much more urgent and frightening as people are fighting for their lives in Puerto Rico as the president mocks them from his golf course.

On a lighter subject, Ryan Gosling laughed and laughed and laughed his way through this season premiere, which wound up being a pretty charming sight as the cast tried to keep him on track. And so begins the eighth year (I will obviously be doing these for eternity) of SNL Scorecard.

Sketch of the Night

“Papyrus” The only thing disappointing about this sketch featuring Ryan Gosling as a man obsessed with the font used on the Avatar logo is that we didn’t get to see the much longer version that was shown at dress rehearsal. It’s kind of amazing that they can even edit down prerecorded sketches at the last second for time, but that’s what happened here as the version we will never see delayed the “reveal” even longer, giving more time to Gosling’s paranoia. Not only do I hope we get to see the “director’s cut,” I think I’d rather see a movie based on this idea than I would three more Avatar sequels. (Actually, I have no idea why I wrote “I think I’d rather,” I’m fairly positive I’d rather see this story than find out what Jake Sully’s kids are up to.)

Also, I love that this has been a longtime obsession for SNL writer Julio Torres, who tweeted this back in May. We can only hope, now that this has aired, he can find the peace he’s been looking for.

Score: 9.0

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