So Now That We Have ‘The Late Show’ Sorted Out, What’s Going On With ‘The Late Late Show’?

After the news broke yesterday that Stephen Colbert had been chosen as Dave Letterman’s replacement for The Late Show, the inevitable PC backlash erupted over social media. Why couldn’t it have been a woman? Well honestly, the way I see it, as the current landscape stands, there wasn’t one completely suited for the role. I’m not saying there’s no issue with gender equality in late night — but they’re not going to pick someone without relevant experience for the coveted Late Show throne. I’m sorry, it sucks, but they’re just not.

I mean– who would they go with? Even though Jimmy Fallon has proven that you can be an “aw shucks nice guy” and still be great, I just don’t see Ellen DeGeneres as a late night host. Chelsea Handler? Nobody wants that. Fey and Poehler’s names were both thrown around but would it really be worth it to sacrifice their other endeavors to stick them in late night? Not in my opinion.

However, poor Craig Ferguson — who was passed over for The Late Show (don’t worry, he still made out OK) and whose contract is up in June — might be out of a job to bring in some fresh and possibly female talent, according to Les Moonves via Bloomberg:

“12:30 is up in the air,” Leslie Moonves, chief executive officer of CBS Corp., said yesterday in an interview, referring to the early-morning time slot. “Obviously, we’re considering all sorts of candidates and women are among them. A woman would be great in late night.”

A female host would provide a contrast to the all-male lineup that now dominates late-night broadcast television and could attract new viewers.

Of course, we all know who that woman in all likelihood would be:

Chelsea Handler, who hosts a late-night show on Comcast Corp.’s E! network, is available and has let CBS know she’s interested in “The Late Late Show,” said a person with knowledge of the situation, who asked not to be identified because the talks are at an early stage.

Stephen Huvane, a publicist for Handler at Slate PR, didn’t respond to phone and e-mail requests for comment. CBS, based in New York, declined to comment. Handler, 39, is preparing to leave E! when her contract expires at the end of 2014, The Hollywood Reporter said last month, citing an interview with Irving Azoff, her manager.

Whatever, if it takes Chelsea Handler to break the late night glass ceiling, let’s throw her through it. Preferably head first.

(Via Defamer)