So There’s A ‘Seinfeld’ Food Truck Now…

07.27.12 7 years ago 17 Comments

Proving once again that people will take something good and then squeeze every last crumpled, torn, stained dollar bill out of it until all that’s left is a cracked, rotten shell on the floor and a bunch of weirdly mixed metaphors, there’s a Seinfeld food truck now.

The Seinfeld Food Truck made its first stop on its eight-city national tour Wednesday afternoon in Newport Beach.

People who were on Facebook around lunchtime and could make the drive were treated to iconic Seinfeld foods, such as the Soup Nazi’s mulligatawny soup, Junior Mints, muffin tops, black and white cookies, Twix and Snapple for free. In attendance was soup Nazi actor Larry Thomas, in full costume. [OC Weekly]

Oh God, that poor man. His entire career sounds like one of the wishes gone awry in the movie Bedazzled, where Elizabeth Hurley played the devil and screwed with Brendan Fraser. “I want to be a world famous actor, and play an iconic role that will be remembered for decades.” “As you wish.” [POOF] “Hey, what the hell is this? Why am I showing up at some food truck opening in Orange County, and why is everyone yelling at me about soup? This isn’t what I wished for.” “Ah, but it is. You said you wanted to be a famous actor who played an iconic role, not a successful famous actor who played an iconic role.” “DAWWWWWW, nuts.”

In conclusion, I have seen Bedazzled like 20 times.

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