Something Something Alison Brie

Guys, I hate to be so casually manipulated like this, but “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” taped Alison Brie as she fielded some questions from Twitter while she was backstage at the late-night show. And starting at the 3:20 mark in the video below, she talks about her boobs. And that’s just not fair for me. Even though it’s not a terribly interesting video, I can’t not post video of Alison Brie discussing her breasts while wearing a low-cut top. My hands are tied, people.

Anyway, it’s not ALL about her ample bosom crafted by God’s hands. She also discuss her favorite place in Ann Arbor (The Jolly Pumpkin), who would win a fight between her “Mad Men” and “Community” characters, her favorite wardrobe piece from “Mad Men,” blah blah blah. Then she says, “It would be constant boob time for me and my own boobs,” and everything else just fades out of the picture. Enjoy.

[Late Night]