Kurt Sutter Gave A Baffling Answer About The Identity Of A Mysterious ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Character

Sons of Anarchy wrapped up in 2014, but viewers, many of whom are only starting the show now that it’s on Hulu, are still pestering creator Kurt Sutter about one major mystery: who was the Homeless Woman? She appeared, usually to Jax or Gemma, in every season, and although many viewers believe she’s Emily Putner, the woman killed in a car crash caused by John Teller (Jax’s dad and Gemma’s first husband), that was never confirmed. So… what’s her deal? Don’t expect an easy answer from Sutter.

When asked on Instagram to “share definitely what the homeless woman in SoA is meant to represent,” Sutter replied, “She’s the magic that anarchy summons and the morality it extinguishes. She’s the bringer of eternal light and the harbinger of all things dark. She’s the ying, the yang and the yong.” It goes on like this:

“She’s the alpha and the omertà. She’s the first breath of life and the final gasp into death. She’s the mother, the father and the holy goat. She is everything you need, and nothing you want. She is the chicken and the squirrel, and all their broken eggs and rotting acorns. She is the binge, the purge, the hunger and the shame. She is you, me and your Uncle Murray.”

See, I always thought she was the squirrel. But the chicken AND the squirrel? Wow.