Sophie Turner Might Be A Better Jon Snow Than Kit Harington

04.14.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

If Kit Harington ever needs someone to replace him as Jon Snow — which he doesn’t because he’s totally dead, you guys — on Game of Thrones, he can just ask his sister on the show (depending on which theory you believe), Sophie Turner. While Turner is currently crushing it as Sansa, in a recent video by Net-A-Porter, she was able to stretch her comedic wings more than her day job allows. In a truly inspired mashup, Turner delivers the lyrics of Adele’s “Hello” as Snow, ad-libbing “I must have ravened a thousand times,” which hopefully will become a thing.

While Sophie as Snow is definitely the highlight, she also takes aim at some of her fellow X-Men, as Turner joined the franchise as Jean Gray in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, and professes a longstanding love for Justin Bieber. In true Belieber style, she lip-syncs to “Love Me,” a deep cut from his pre-Purpose days. While Turner didn’t offer any insight into what’s in store for Sansa in season six in this video (from the looks of the latest trailer, Sansa will be taking up the Stark mantle in the North), but it’s always anachronistically hilarious to see our favorite residents of Westeros out of costume and having fun. If only there could be a musical episode of Game of Thrones.

(Via Net-A-Porter)

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