‘South Park’ Kept Apologizing For ManBearPig While Satan Fought To Save Humanity

11.16.18 9 months ago 4 Comments

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South Park brought back an infamous bit last week when it apologized for not taking climate change, and Al Gore, seriously enough. As it turns out, that apology was big enough to last two episodes.

Gore’s hunt for ManBearPig was a pretty naked parody of the former presidential candidate and vice president’s efforts to raise awareness about climate change. The Season 10 episode lampooned Gore for making the South Park boys look for a creature that pretty clearly didn’t exist.

But as climate change-fueled wildfires rage on the West Coast in the real world and extreme weather happens more and more, Trey Parker and Matt Stone offered what appeared to be a sincere apology by way of making ManBearPig quite real in an episode that aired last week. Gore returned, and the kids finally believed him and asked for his help to fix a creature that’s ravaging the town and killing people. That extended into a second episode this week, entitled “Nobody Got Cereal?”

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