The ‘South Park’ Creators Are Raising Money For The Guy Who Inspired Cartman’s Name

Before Eric Cartman was Eric Cartman, he was called Kenny (as seen in the 1992 short film Jesus vs. Frosty) or, simply, the Fat Kid. He didn’t get his name until January 1995, during a Super Bowl party attended by eventual South Park co-creator Trey Parker and his long-time friend Jason McHugh, who produced Cannibal! The Musical and Orgazmo.

Another party guest was Matt Karpman, who McHugh described as a “semi-notorious slightly-over weight, shorter late bloomer yet super obnoxious and verbally skilled kinda dudes.” During the game, Karpman jumped to high-five his pals, but was greeted with a “shut up, Karpman.” As McHugh tells it, “All the sudden, Trey who had been sitting quietly in the corner observing this bro fest, blurts out ‘Cartman! That’s the perfect name for the Fat Kid.’ He said it loudly and we all heard it and started laughing at Karpmen.” Cartman isn’t based on Karpman (it’s not a Kenny Kramer scenario), but Karpman did give one of television’s most famous cartoon characters his name, and for that, Parker, McHugh, and Matt Stone are trying to raise money to pay for his medical expanses.

“In August, Matt went from playing in a lacrosse tournament (scoring 3 goals) to a devastating ALS diagnosis in a matter of a couple of weeks,” his brother wrote. “There is no cure (yet) and no way to tell how quickly it will progress so we are thankful for every new day, for every day that Matt can walk and talk and eat and breathe… With your support Matt will be able to not stress so much about the financial aspect and focus on what is most important, precious time with family and friends.” McHugh added:

Since then Matt got married – had two beautiful kids and now is faced with ALS. We thank Trey Parker, Matt Stone and everyone who has donated to this GoFundME to help our old friend and his family in their hour of need. Please give what you can, thank you and Happy Holidays to your family from ours. (Via)

To find out more information, including how to donate, click here.