‘South Park’ Took A Shot At ‘The Simpsons’ In Its Brett Kavanaugh Episode

10.10.18 11 months ago 7 Comments

For 22 seasons, South Park has had a playful but respectful relationship with The Simpsons. And why not? Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone know The Simpsons paved the way for all irreverent animated satires of suburban America. Their most recent episode didn’t seem either playful nor respectful. It seemed like a full-blown siege on a show that has, in the last year, and partly of their own doing, fallen on hard times.

Let’s start with the title: “The Problem with a Poo.” It’s a play on The Problem with Apu, the title of last year’s documentary, which accused longtime Simpsons immigrant Apu of being a symbol of casual, accepted racism, perpetuating a stereotype via a white voice actor – Hank Azaria.

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